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The orchestra tunes their instruments.  A hush falls over the crowd.  The curtain rises.  The first few actors and actresses make their way onto the stage.  They dance.  They sing.  They entertain you for a handful of hours, and during that time you become entranced by their story.  The tragedy, comedy, romance, music, song, acrobatics, and more are all there for sheer enjoyment.  The theatre is a place of wonder where you can see Cirque de Soleil performers fly through the air in wondrous costume and makeup.  Where you can listen to the drama of a heartbreaking opera.  Where ballet dancers flit across the stage with near effortless leaps.



The theatre is a place of magic and awe, for adults and children alike.  Whether your goal is to see Phantom of the Opera just once or to see The Nutcracker ballet each and ever Christmas, you can buy theatre tickets here at Event Ticket Depot for just about every production you can think of.  If it's playing somewhere, we'll find it and we'll deliver the information to our site for you to peruse, from dates to locations to maps of the venues.   

 You can choose the seats you want at solid prices, and then dress in your finest and feel what it might have been like to go to an opera house during the days when opera was at its peak.

 Easy to Use

Purchasing theatre tickets at EventTicketDepot is simple and brings you that much closer to the actors, actresses, dancers, singers, and all those that make up an amazing production.  Choose events in your state and city, or widen your search and take a vacation elsewhere, taking in a show while relaxing away from work for a while.  With so much to choose from, you're sure to discover a special something you'd love to buy tickets for.  Or feel free to try something different. You can even reach us at 888-830-3583 to buy tickets over the phone from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST.

 Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We ensure a 100% buyer guarantee to ensure that you have no trouble getting into your chosen venue.  All our theatre tickets are purchased from professional vendors.  That means we only obtain tickets through trusted sellers, so you can get into your favorite musical without any problems.

 Fans of the theatre will enjoy what we have to offer.  We always keep our information fresh and up to date, making sure that you always get the earliest jump on all the hottest productions.  Buying theatre tickets has never been easier!

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